HyPrix Ferrari Challenge

Ferrari Challenge

Welcome to the Ferrari Challenge, organized by BOIZ and HyPrix.

HyPrix presents our new racing series, the Ferrari Challenge, organized with support from BOIZ. This is an open series to Pros and Amateurs. 6 rounds consisting of a mix of 20 minute (x2) sprint and 60 minute endurance races, using the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3.

Rules and Championship info.

Race conditions
  • TOD (Time Of Day): Depending on round, and will be announced in advance
  • Weather condition: Depending on round, and will be announced in advance
  • Fuel: Enduro races only
  • Tyre wear: Enduro races only
  • Damage: Non
  • Shortcut penalty: Weak
  • Slipstream: Real
  • Boost: Non
  • BOP (In Game Balance Of Performance): On
  • Tuning: Off
General rules
  • HAVE FUN!!
  • Please let us know in advanced if you cannot make it.
  • Respect other drivers around you when overtaking and/or DEFENDING.
  • Please respect eachother off track such as channel chats and voice chats. Any issues should be dealt in private and in an appropriate manner.
  • Respect track limits.
  • Penalties must be served before the end of the lap you got them.
  • If you continue to abuse track limits and not serve penalties you will possibly gain a time penalty of 2 seconds or more.
  • Any major incidents can be reported to officials to have a look at. It may result in a warning or possibly a time penalty Of 5 seconds or more. You may appeal.
  • Any abuse towards other drivers will not be tolerated and driver will receive a warning.
  • Officials note: Enforcement of all rules and clauses are subject to the discretion of the organizers. The organizers refuse the right to enforce or not enforce additional rules if they feel the competitor has acted unsportsmanlike manner and acted within the remit of the guidelines, but outside of the standard practice of good sportsmanship.
Class information

Everyone will start round 1 on equal playing fields. However, the officials will evaluate all drivers and place them into two separate classes (PRO and AM).


We will gift the overall winner a surprise die-cast model.

*All rules are subject to change