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Music is our passion, and concerts are the place where all the magic happens in between the performer and the audience; ’cause no song sounds, neither means the same after listen to it live. After attending live shows for some years as die hard fans, the idea of this website came up with the intention to share articles about concerts, music and songs inspiring people to create their own memories through the musical and concert…mood.”

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BOIZ Clan was born out of the nostalgia you get when thinking about playing video games when you were young — salty snacks, energy drinks, and, most importantly, your best friends. Once you get older, life and distance can get in the way. But video games remain and they have the ability to help you decompress, connect, and have fun.

What began as a small group of friends reconnecting while playing Call of Duty evolved over the years to form a clan of many. BOIZ Clan now proudly supports each of their members across many genres, from Call of Duty, to Minecraft, Sim Racing, Clash Royale, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and even IRL cooking streams. Whatever the event, BOIZ Clan is there with enthusiasm, fun, and positivity, ready to support their clan members.

Lead by talented content creators, BOIZ Clan aims to inject that positivity into the esports scene and create an environment where gamers can flourish, with healthy competition and constructive feedback, no toxicity. Now in partnership with Hyprix Racing, BOIZ Clan looks to bring their positive outlook on esports to a larger stage. Check out everything BOIZ Clan on Twitter and Instagram @BoizGaming.”

The HyPrix team is a spin-off of Alex Sinclair‘s Project Cars 2 & GT Sport league “Reddit Sportscar Championship”, later renamed “Rei Sportscar Championship”, and is the reason the team uses the name “Team HyPrix RSC” in competitions. Alex supports the team as an advisor and managment. Check out his photography project “Showa35mm”:

“I collect and restore 35mm photographs from 1950-1989 Shōwa-era Japan.”

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CR Racing es el equipo de automovilismo de Cuauhtémoc Ramírez, para quien hemos trabajado como diseñadores y proveedores de fotografía y video, y ahora apoya al equipo como patrocinador para algunas de las ligas en las que participamos, en particular, los eventos de Copa Notiauto.

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Gran Turisbos Podcast is a a discussion show founded by long-time veteran GT players Eddie ‘Wardez’ Gomez and Tristan ‘Roadbeef’ Bayless. GTB was originally a GT Sport podcast but we also talk about relatable topics such as F1, real life performance driving, sim racing, road car news, and general cutting edge technology and science.

The podcast features interviews across the wide range of GT community influencers and players. The show also includes discussions about getting faster and growing your skillset.Gran Turisbros also discusses the latest news and updates about GT7 and GT championships.”

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Since 2007, we have been leading the fight to save red pandas. In Nepal, we are continuing to expand a community-protected forest corridor where people can live sustainably and harmoniously with red pandas and all wildlife.”

Please help the Red Panda Network in their work to save the Red Pandas! Donate here: They are a great organization, donations are tax deductible, and have public financial reports.