A few years ago, HyPrix started as my personal project for creating design services for people in the racing and sports business. With time, simracing became a hobby and I decided to add the team as part of the project, which also has added clients in the esports and simracing world.

Here are some example of what I can do for you. For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact me here, or on Discord as Pixteca#4393.

Logo Design

GT Champions logo. GTC is a Gran Turismo league, based in USA.

TedTrax logo and branding. TedTrax is a UK based racing association promoting young drivers and simracers.

RWB Racing logo. RWB Racing is a American simracing team, focused on Gran Turismo.

Profile Brading

Twitch Profile Branding. Headers, Profile Pics and more for Twitch profiles.

YouTube Profile Branding. Headers, Profile Pics and more for YouTube profiles.

Facebook Profile Branding. Headers, Profile Pics and more for Facebook profiles.

Stream Overlays

Static overlay graphics for streams and broadcasts.

Overlays for leagues and series.

Overlays for leagues and series.

Sports Graphics.

Sports graphics

Sports graphics

Sports graphics


Esports Jerseys

Tshirts and hoodies

Various merchandise

Data Design

Formula E Lap Chart

Baseball Box Score 2.0

Baseball Park Chart

Livery Design

Simracing liveries (iRacing and Assetto Corsa)

Gran Turismo liveries, and Scapes.

IRL Racing liveries


Pixel Art.

Race Poster design.

Board Game design.

Vector illustration.

Website design (WordPress based)

Website design (WordPress based)

Get in touch for more info

Contact me for more info on any graphic design topic or to get your project started!