Team Etiquette

HyPrix Etiquette

Welcome to Team HyPrix! In this document you will find a short list of what we expect from you as a new member of our team.

Be respectful

Please treat your team-mates with the respect that you would like to receive from them. If you become a problematic member of our Team/Community, You may face removal from the team.

No inappropriate language/behavior

When communicating with other members of the team or members of other racing communities, please remember that you represent us as a team which means that you adhere to this document. What you do in your own private life is your business but when you are representing Team HyPrix, we expect you to be professional. That includes other Discord Servers, stream chats or other people’s social media profiles.

Inactivity or leaving the team

Please do not ghost us, If you need time away, let us know! We’re here for you and will help if needed! Unannounced inactivity will result in an initial warning and further inactivity will lead to a removal.

If you wish to leave the team, do not hesitate to get in touch with the management team. We understand that people move around and meet new people. We harbor no hard feelings towards members that leave us to join other teams as this is part of the Esports world. Please do not join another team and remain part of Team HyPrix unless you have discussed and come to an agreement with the management team.

Representing the team colors

Using the official team livery is like any sports team wearing an uniform: A team uniform can help promote unity, build cohesiveness among members and make an athlete feel like they belong. Every member of the team is equally important, and that’s what teamwork is all about. Also, our liveries feature our sponsors, colors and logos, so using the official liveries assures they will be used and placed properly. For these reasons we request that official team liveries (made by Tom or Pix) are used when possible.

Follow the Discord Community and HyPrix server Guidelines

You can find them here:

For the HyPrix server rules, navigate to the “Team Info” section of the Server.

Becoming a member of Team Hyprix implies that you accept these rules, including all further changes. These changes may be made at any time without notice, it is your responsibility to check for them regularly.

For any questions or help, please feel free to approach a Team Admin: Pix or Tom

The Management Team reserves the right to remove you from the Team without warning if needs be.

If you are looking to join the team, and agree to the above Etiquette, please fill the following form: